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Promotion chain (PC) won the voting in Huobi HADAX, and will be listed on Huobi later


  At 13 o'clock on May 4, 2018, the first round of the third phase of the coin HADAX voted to end successfully, and the Promotion Chain (PC) successfully topped the top with the first 327734491 votes and was about to list on HADAX, beat the second with 49684760 votes! At the same time, according to the voting rules, PC will get the priority examine opportunity of

  In this round of voting, a total of 3,788 community supporters contributed to winning the PC. Here we must firstly thank everyone for their support and trust of the Promotion Chain. Since its inception, PC has been devoted to the exploration of the application of blockchain technology in the field of promotion. It has also explored resource through the promotion circle APP, promotion community, aimed at building a global centralization of the promotion of ecology.

  The global strategy of PC is already in full swing, and the Promotion Circle APP will enter the final debugging phase and will be on-line simultaneously. In addition, the PC has reached cooperation with many famous global brands and it will be announced in the near future.

  The Promotion Chain successfully land HADAX on the strong support of users of PC communities. We will fully promote the global ecological strategy of the Promotion Chain and will use the concept of decentralization to improve the promotion business and focus on rewarding to users.

  The whole staff of the promotion chain team once again thank everyone for your support. Your concern is the inexhaustible motive force for our advancement!

  The whole of the Promotion Chain team thank for your support. Your concern is the inexhaustible motive force for our advancement!

  Promotion Chain Official

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