Press release

PC lists on BitAsiaEx and QBTC trading platforms


Dear PC users:


Promotionchain (PC) has listed on BitAsiaEx tradding platform, and opened legal currency trading pair PC/CNY and coin-coin trading pairs PC/BTC and PC/ETH.

At 2 pm of March 24th(today), PC will list on QBTC trading platform, and will open PC/USDT trading pair, and PC candies will be presented to users for registration.

Promotionchain (PC) will continue to list on various major exchanges next week and thanks for your support!


About BitAsiaEx

BitAsiaEx is an international financial digital currency comprehensive trading platform and aims to provide global users with professional, secure, convenient digital currency trading services.

About QBTC

QBTC is a digital asset trading platform containing multiple coins and provides global users with trading service of multiple digital assets such as Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin and so on. It is a safe and reliable digital asset trading platform and can offer a secure, convenient and fair Bitcoin trading platform to users.


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