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PC App will go online soon and PC buy-back plan comes out


This week, the promotionchain (PC) ushered in a series of major progress driven by the project team and community users. The global decentralized promotion ecology infrastructure has taken into shape which make contribution of promotionchain industry to the overall development and recovery of Blockchain industry in 2018.

PC App will go online soon

In the promotionchain global ecosystem,PC App plays an important role. PC App provides a practical and convenient interactive participation platform for the promotionchain community users who can directly take part in the promotionchain task and credits accumulation system to get PC rewards through PC App. Featured by no threshold, borders and resistance, PC App can make everyone become promoters. Currently, PC App has entered the final test stage and will be online globally and synchronously recently.

PC Global Promotion Cooperation

Since the beginning of the new year of 2018, Promotionchain has participated in the international blockchain conference such as the Southeast Asia 100 Chains Elite Conference and the Tokensky Summit in Seoul, conducted in-depth exchanges with colleagues from blockchain field around the world, and reached a number of technical and commercial cooperation.

At present, PC has reached agreement with a number of digital asset trading platforms around the world, and will go online and open transactions successively this month. In addition, promotionchain has already reached the promotion cooperation intentions with several global application products with millions of active users on daily average. In the future, it will gradually get access to the promotionchain system to jointly create a new order of decentralized promotion.

PC quarter buy-back plan starts.

In order to further activate the market and repay community users, the promotionchain founding team plans to use 30% of its profits for PC repurchases. From the second quarter of 2018, PC buy-back plan will be carried out four times every year in accordance with quarterly earnings. The promotionchain will then release the repurchase detailed rules on the official website for publicity.

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