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2018 TokenSky Blockchain Conference will be held tomorrow, and PromotionChain (PC) will shine Seoul


The 2018 TokenSky Blockchain Conference will be held at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul on March 14th to 15th, and the PromotionChain (PC) team has arrived in Korea as invited today. The event is the most professional TOKEN economy and blockchain industry conference so far which has invited the heads of top trading platforms, blockchain giants, industry technology elites, pioneers of digital assets and masters of various fields to get together to discuss the development of blockchain. The gold content of the conference is so high that the number of participants is beyond early expectation and the high popularity reflects the great charm of TokenSky.

As the pioneer of blockchain promotion, the PromotionChain (PC) will also be invited as a heavyweight guest to be present. During the conference, the PromotionChain will share the unique concept of decentralization promotion ecology with the industry and the vast number of blockchain enthusiasts. It will show the world the great potential and broad prospects of blockchain promotion, and make everyone know and understand PromotionChain.

In addition, PromotionChain has prepared a wealth of interactive activities for all users. Upon completion, PC Candy Awards will be available. The program of activities is as follows:


On-site Fans Activity "I'm with PC"

Shoot a small video of PC booth in the TokenSky venue and forward it to friends circles for a PC reward. (on-site cashing)

Off-site Fans Activity "I call for PC"

Take a photo of yourself and the PromotionChain logo (e.g. write "XXX call for TOPC " on A4 paper), and send it to friend circles to collect 20 likes to get PC rewards. (Contact customer service with Wechat account: lop808342 to get)

PromotionChain’s trip to Seoul will be a key step in the global strategy of 2018. We will practice the conference spirit of "Token change the world" and use the decentralized promotion ecology to change the global promotion industry to establish a global promotion new order without barriers, borders, and resistance.

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