Promotion Chain

Promotion chain has come to counter difficulties facing traditional promotion industry. It is developed with the support of block chain technology. Through decentralizing Promotion Circle, promoters’ community and credit accumulation system, it can achieve win-win results for customers and promoters, redefine the industry of promotion, develop a layout of worldwide promotional strategy and make a difference with promotion.

Status-quo and Problems of Promotion

Promotion is an inevitable topic in today’s commodity economy system. Especially in an era of internet economy featuring information explosion, the promotion and exposure of products are the foundation for effective brand promotion and the rise of brand awareness. They are as well a must for businesses to make profit.
  • Complex promotion procedure with low efficiency

  • Tedious reconciliation process and severe data contamination

  • Poor market analysis ability and deviation from promotional objectives

  • Low industry transparency resulting in difficulty in standard management

Promotion Chain Solutions

Promotion Chain applies block chain technology in the promotion industry. It develops a very simple structure of “product--customer” through decentralizing the structure of this industry, thus creating a global promotion ecosystem featuring win-win results for users and promoters in the block chain era.
  • To promote tokens and credits

  • To decentralize Promotion Circle APP

  • Promoters’ community

  • Promotion credits wall

  • Promotion task board

Decentralized Promotion Ecosystem

With current industry structure, the controlling power of manufacturers over promotional behaviors is deprived by the middle stages. Meanwhile, promoters at the bottom cannot make decisions on products. Their incomes are low and not properly guaranteed.

Reshaping of the identity of manufacturers

(1)Manufacturers can draw up promotion tasks and rules on their own with Promotion Circle APP. (2)Promotion task mechanism has time-stamp and tamper-resistance, so that promotional results are authentic, costs are lowered and efficiency is raised. (3)Promotion Circle APP broadcast can increase product exposure and the number of users in promoters’ community, thus achieving added value. (4)The transparency of promotion chain can help achieve product copyright protection, brand value creation and adding and wider influence.

Value-adding of promoters

(1)Credits wall is available to the whole network. Smart contract, credits accumulation, and PC can facilitate effective promotion and quick settlement, protect promoter rights and diversify profitability means. (2)Promotion task board can provide the most up-to-dated and comprehensive task information. Promoters can select appropriate projects to promote, so the promotion process is more targeted and less complex. (3)The PC deposit rules of promoters’ community can effectively increase product reliability of manufacturers and guarantee stable income for promoters. (4)The promotion of tokens has value-adding as its nature, so promoters will acquire decent revenues as the community keeps expanding.

World-class Platform and Promotion of Block Chain Projects

As globalization further deepens, “strengthening cooperation in a polarized world” proposed at the annual meeting of Davos in 2018 has become a new topic in the area of economy. Promotion in the block chain era also calls for world-class landscape and long-term oriented insight.

World-class promotional platform strategy

The promotion chain is aimed at developing a world-class platform, building a bridge of win-win and mutual benefit for manufacturers and promoters, and creating a decentralized global promotion system that is free of threshold and resistance.

The expansion of promotion chain: promotion of block chain projects

The Promotion chain first brought up the idea of driving the development of block chain with block chain technology, creating an ecosystem for the promotion of block chain projects. The aim is to tackle difficulties in promotion for more block chain teams.

Allocation of Tokens

Name of token: PC (Promotion Chain Token)Total volume of tokens: 21 billionToken unit: pro, 1PC=1000000pro

Taxation and legal affairs: 500 million PCs Community:2 billion PCs Promotion:1.5 billion PCs Team:1 billion PCs PE:5 billion PCs Mining:11 billion PCs

(1)Mining: 11 billion PCs. The yield comes from effective promotion of product by users. The rule is 50% for the first year, 25% for the second, halving year by year.

(2)PE: 5 billion PCs. Part of PCs are used in PE for the infrastructure construction and early-stage operation of promotion chain worldwide.

(3)Team: 1 billion PCs. It is used in sharing out bonus with partners and in paying for employee salary. It will be distributed respectively in two years.

(4)Promotion: 1.5 billion PCs. 50% will be distributed in the first year, 25% in the second, 15% in the third and 10% in the fourth respectively. It will be used in the global promotion of the promotion chain including roadshows, exhibitions and cooperation with media.

(5)Community: 2 billion PCs. This is a reward for manufacturers and users for their promotion.

(6)Taxation and legal affairs: 500 million PCs.

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